The Wolf Pack


The Erythrinus family consists of three genera Erythrinus, Hoplerythrynus and Hoplias. All are South American predatory characins ranging from the very north all the way into Argentina.  Their habitats range from small seasonal pools through rapids and large slow bodies of water. They range in size from a relatively small 8 inches/20cm up to an alleged 4 foot/120cm. They have an adapted swim bladder that enables them to breath atmospheric air which helps when living in low oxygen pools and also enables some of them to travel short distances between pools.

The aim of this site is to help answer many of the questions asked across most of the internet forums and hopefully dispel or confirm some of the facts or fiction regarding these fish. The focus will be in regards to the fishkeeping hobby but may extend into the natural life of these fish as it will help with the up keep of them in aquaria.

The site is an evolving site and will be open to changes and additions. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions to 

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